Green Beans with Chili and Roasted Red Peppers

I’m trying to plan a Thanksgiving for two.

We had an Australian version of the holiday last week, but I wanted to plan something closer to the actual day.

With the exception of pasta, I’m pretty skilled at figuring how much food will feed me and my very strong and handsome fiancé, and leave me a little extra for lunch the next day. (I just can’t figure out dammed dried pasta portioning!)

But a Thanksgiving feast for two is a whole different gig. I want a range of foods and familiar dishes just like the real thing, but I don’t want to have an out of control leftover situation.

So far, here’s my plan of attack:

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Roast Chicken and Two Thanksgivings

It’s turning out to be a week of firsts for me. Making my first pavlova, my first costumed Italian-themed Thanksgiving (maybe anyone’s first), and cooking my first roast chicken. We also hosted our first Friendsgiving – 6 days later than normal Thanksgiving, served on our coffee table, with some new friends – nice and casual but with all the tasty trimmings. Hopefully we’ve started a new tradition.

But let me back up to the Italian-themed dress-up Thanksgiving. (You’re intrigued, no?)

Mr. F’s family has been having their own Thanksgiving here  in Australia for the past 5 years and this year they decided to kick things up a notch. Gone was the turkey, mashed potatoes and roasted veg – instead, we were treated to gorgeous antipasto platters, pizzas, fried eggplant, fish and rice balls. All topped off with tiramisu, amaretto mousse and pumpkin pie (I wiggled that one in there). To accompany this impressive spread there was Italian wine, beer, music, and mandatory costumes! We had dining partners ranging from Super Mario Brothers to Silvio Berlusconi and one of his mistresses (someone had to go there). It was a great night, with a lot to be thankful for.

But of course for l’americano – it was not quite Thanksgiving. I needed my mash, stuffing, sweet potato and more pumpkin pie. So we invited some friends around and I got to work.
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