Greek-style Vegetable Galette


I’m not going to lie, I don’t make pies often. I know that probably makes me a bad home cook, but the task always seems a little daunting with the whole crust-making business. I have, however, been quietly keeping my eye out for The Perfect Crust Recipe. It’s an elusive thing, this recipe. So many claim that they have it but I continually find myself somewhat put off by so many. I’m looking for something simple, versatile and easy¬† – not too many ingredients, easily adaptable to savory or sweet and the potential to make it with my eyes closed after a couple of tries.

It would be disappointing if I built that up just to tell you I am still searching, wouldn’t it?

C’mon, I wouldn’t do that to you. Thanks to this recipe on the lovely TwoSpoons, my search is over. It’s perfect – crunchy and slightly flaky, and easy to make and handle. I love the texture the wheatgerm brings, too. And no required refrigerating! (If you’ve got the time, go for it – but it’s not necessary if you’re looking to move fast.)

I decided to make a galette with my dough because I like the idea of a free-form tart – its informal and, to borrow my favorite Gordon Ramsay description (in abrupt speech), “simple. rustic. yes.”

I went with some Greek-style vegetables for something summery. (And maybe subconsciously because of all the recent news of Greece’s floundering economy?)

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