LeahHi, I’m Leah.

Voracious is all about cooking with plants and whole foods. I’m not a vegan or vegetarian, but I make a lot of meals that are.

Voracious describes my appetite for new recipes, good food and good-for-you-food.

I can best describe my cooking style as plant-based comfort food – I believe that meals should leave you feeling happy, nourished and content.

I started this blog after I made the big move from New York City to Sydney, Australia with my then-boyfriend (now-husband), Fabian. I wanted to create a recipe diary to document my experiences in the kitchen and out in our new city.

I’m a vegetable lover, garlic enthusiast, shameless salter, and hot sauce fanatic. I prefer small spoons and large forks and consider chopping fresh fruit and veg a form of therapy. I can’t resist a beautiful cookbook and like to add my own twist to dishes that inspire me.

Check in for plant-based recipes created to comfort, satisfy and nourish. You stay classy!

xo, L



©Voracious Vander 2014, All Rights Reserved.


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  1. Welcome to Sydney! Love your blog – makes me hungry reading it! Have you discovered StoneSoup and What Katie Ate? Both local blogs and divine for v different reasons. I adore both of them – Jules is right into her vege too! Hope you are settling on ok – Sydney is such a divine city – but quite diff to NYC. You need to check out the Eveliegh Markets on a Sat – so amazing – Katie has a huge list of fabbo eating places to try – she is Irish and quite new to Sydney so has embraced the challenge to discover all things foodie.

    1. Thanks for the warm welcome and great tips! I am so excited to be here. Eveleigh market is on my to-do list and I have checked out What Katie Ate – beautiful photography! Will have take a look at StoneSoup. Thanks for reading!

  2. “I am a shameless salter, a vegetable lover, a garlic enthusiast, and a rule breaker. I love to read recipes, but like to add my own twist on dishes to make them my own. It doesn’t always work out.”

    Hehe, tell me about it! Thanks for commenting on my blog, yours looks great! Am visiting Sydney in a few months and can’t wait…looks like such a foodie haven!!

    1. It is such a great foodie city – there is so much to eat and do – I hope you have a great trip!
      Love Two Spoons – beautiful food and photography!

  3. I’ve just discovered your blog after looking at the “who is attending list” for next weeks blogger picnic. Love your simple recipes. I’m trying to cut a lot meat out of my diet so your vege recipes look great (I’ve just printed off three actually). Love that the recipes are quite simple too – I’m the world’s worst cook and too many ingredients/steps make me cry.

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I know what you mean by too many ingredients and steps – I love cooking, but I find myself turned off by too much going on in a recipe. Hopefully I’ll catch you at the picnic!

  4. Hey Leah, just discovered an amazing new eatery I think you’d love – Vientiane on Oxford Street in Paddo – cnr of South Dowling and Oxford, Food is sublime – cooked with major love and health in mind – draws from Chinese medicine using herbs and roots which are so yummy. Ate like piglets and came out feeling light as a feather but ohh so good! Try it!

  5. Great blog! I found you at the perfect time because I am actually trialling being a vegetarian for a few weeks (and struggling). I’m sure it will be made easier now I’ve found some great recipes on your blog!

  6. I am glad I found you. I love the food network. My daughter lives in the Chicago area…that is food town too. Australia is on my bucket list. Fasinating country.

  7. Being a veggie can be tough, but I know for me it was the thing that really made me love cooking. It was a kind of rewarding challenge and an opportunity to get creative. Good luck and thank you for reading!

  8. I am a vegetarian that found your site through stumble upon and found so many interesting recipes that I cannot wait to try! Even though you do have some non-vegetarian recipes I am glad that someone shows there can be so much creativity to veggie recipes!

  9. Why did you stop being a vegetarian? My daughter has given up on meat and I worry that she is not getting enough protein despite my best efforts. I would like to tempt her back to the meat side if I can! 🙂 Thanks for blogging, your fun to read…… Sincerely, Annette from Canada

    1. Hi Annette,

      I decided to go back to meat eating because I found myself really craving a steak after 4 years…I couldn’t shake the craving, so I decided to just go for it. Planning a trip to Spain had a lot to do with it too – I wanted to be able to try everything! (And chorizo is pretty enticing.)
      Not sure if that will work for your daughter but I would encourage her to learn more about vegetarian forms of protein and finding ones that she likes – learning how to cook really got me excited about thinking up balanced vegetarian meals.
      Good luck and happy cooking! 🙂

  10. Hi Leah,
    I love your recipes. I was reading your comment about Old Bay….if you’ll send me your address I’ll pop one over to you. We’ve lived in London and visited Perth numerous times and I know what it’s like not being able to find what one’s used to cooking with. Can’t wait to try some of your recipes.

  11. Hey Leah!
    I found you via Katie at Local Sprouts, and am tonight making your Eggplant and Butternut Bake! Pretty excited lol
    I’m in Sydney too, and while more of a go-out-to-eat-gal, I always welcome new and simple (yet tasty) recipes to run riot in my kitchen when I’m there 😉
    I intend to stalk the rest of your recipe-repertoire, so thanks for sharing….and oh, another BIG welcome to Sydney…I’m sure, by now, you’ve found some superb dens-of-delight….it’s that kinda town (can you tell I’m biased?! lol….would happily hit up a sabbatical in NYC though!!

  12. I have discovered your site thru Pinterest. I am inspired by your recipes and love your thoughts on Happy! (because i believe i am like this as well). Can’t wait to try more of your recipes. I Love your roasted Zucchini and carrots recipe, it was a big hit – so far 2 times over. Next will be your soups and salads. I’ll let you know how it turns out. Have fun! Tammy from Miami.

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