My Sydney List: Bondi Beach


We’re getting ready to pack up our Bondi apartment and head back to New York after four years away. Leaving Sydney will be bittersweet, and there will be a lot I’ll miss – especially living near the beach, the weather and the food. I’ve garnered some favorite restaurants, cafes and bars over the past few years to which I’ve grown very attached. And I’m going to find myself a little panicked when I get a serious craving for a piadina with a glass of red on a Friday night.

Here is PART 3 of my picks for fresh, fun and exciting places to eat and drink in my suburb, the beautiful Bondi Beach

  1. Sonoma Bakery, various locations

    Go for: Organic sourdough and a killer cinnamon sugar scroll pastry that Fabian will pine for.

  2. Bondi Farmer’s Market, Bondi Beach School, Saturdays 9am—1pm

    Go for: the corn fritters. The market itself has grown very substantially since we landed in Bondi, which I love. It’s super popular with the locals for picking up some kale, chasing around the kiddies and grabbing a coffee. We go for the corn fritter stand. Available with various toppings and sauces, it’s a super hearty gluten free (and vegetarian, if you want it to be) brekkie.

  3. Organic Republic, Bondi Beach

    Go for: the still-hot fresh-baked bread throughout the day. Oven-warm bread – I mean, what else can you ask for? Their champagna loaf is dreamy.

  4. Speakeasy or The Shop, Bondi Beach

    Go for: wine and cocktails. Two small little wine bars, each with their small-space charms and across the road from one other – if one is crowded, we try the other. Speakeasy takes their wine very seriously, and The Shop does a wonderful Aperol Spritz along with great wines.

  5. Bondi’s Best Seafood, Bondi Beach

    Go for: crispy-skinned grilled salmon and fish and chips. Order your fish as takeaway and bring it to the grassy patch near the beach on a nice night. Their sushi is pretty great too.bondi sunrise

  6. Mamasan, Bondi Beach

    Go for: a large mug of Sapporo and cup of miso soup in front of the fireplace. The bar next door is super popular, but if you can snag a place in the restaurant near the fire, you’re in business.

  7. La Piadina, Bondi

    Go for: the piadinas, BYO wine and Aperol Spritzes. This I will miss most of all. It’s been our Friday night tradition to grab a bottle of red and head around the corner for a cosy dinner sitting on the high stools at the window. It’s a tiny place with tons of charm and consistently great flatbread pizzas (I’d almost describe them as Italian quesadillas) made with great quality Italian cured meets and cheeses. They’re simple and perfect. Many happy nights have been had here.



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