My Sydney List: Inner West

grounds milkshake

We’re getting ready to pack up our Bondi apartment and head back to New York after four years away. Leaving Sydney will be bittersweet, and there will be a lot I’ll miss – especially living near the beach, the weather and the food. I’ve garnered some favorite restaurants, cafes and bars over the past few years to which I’ve grown very attached. I know I’m going to find myself a little panicked some Friday night in the near future when I get a serious craving for a piadina.

Here is PART 2 of my picks for fresh, fun and exciting places to eat and drink in this stunner of a city. Today we’re diving into the hipster-friendly Inner West – it’s a bit gritter that the east, which I’m always a fan of.

  1. Hartsyard, Newtown

    Go for: the fried chicken, carrots and dessert. Honestly, these guys can do no wrong according to Fabes and I. The food is original, yet comforting and generous and the overall vibe is completely unpretentious, which is special given the caliber and popularity of this place. Great cocktails, outrageous desserts and a really cool wine list.

  2. Salts, Meats and Cheese, Alexandria

    Go for: the clue is in the title. Fancy salts, (mostly) Italian-style cured meats, cheeses and fresh pastas. I love getting picnic goodies here, all you need is some good bread and you’re in business.

  3. Eveleigh Market, Eveleigh

    Go for: the croque madame from Bird Cow Fish and Kylie Kwong’s steamed pork buns.

  4. Bread + Circus, Alexandria

    Go for: the daily salad plate. With super fresh ingredients and 5 different fabulous veggie and grain salads made daily – it’s always a surprise and always delicious. It’s one of my favorite lunches on the planet.

  5. Midnight Special, Newtown

    Go for: a fresh-pressed apple juice and bourbon cocktail. Great music, Newtown-cool bartenders and oh-so sippable cocktails give this bar a welcoming and relaxed vibe. They keep the juicer going all night – you’d be surprised at how much a fresh juice can add to a cocktail.

  6. The Grounds of Alexandria, Alexandria

    Go for: the breakfast and the chocolate milkshake (pictured above being enjoyed by a handsome man). Always busy, the Grounds is a gorgeous complex (calling it a café evokes a small, intimate space – which would be misleading) – they make their own bread, pastries and roast their own coffee all on-site. There are resident chickens, a pig, and a massive outdoor area. We often order from the small breakfast takeaway menu, so we don’t have to join the long wait for a table. I order an avocado toast with tomato, chilli and feta and we find a perch outside somewhere to enjoy the sunshine.

  7. The Animal at the Newtown Pub, Newtown

    Go for: hearty fare and wines on tap. Spit roasted lamb, roast potatoes and the green lentil hummus are all worth the trip. The food is simple and well done. And I happen to think sparkling wine on a cold tap is genius.


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