Shrimp Gumbo

voraciousvander - gumbo

Fabes and I got engaged in New Orleans. We’ve visited the city twice now and have really fallen in love with it – its history, culture and community make it a truly special city.

But I think what sold me (not on the engagement, on the city) was the food – always exciting and often indulgent – it’s hard to be a food lover and not love New Orleans. (Admittedly, you probably want to be a meat and/or seafood eater too.)

Every meal we shared  exceeded expectations – from po’boy shops to seafood feasts. There are dishes from our first trip that we still talk about. We’re clearly obsessed.

So when F popped the question we were in the perfect place to celebrate. And celebrate we did.

The city, specifically the French Quarter, feels festive at all times of the year and all days of the week so we were in good company to eat and drink with abandon in honor of our fiancé status.

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