Wines on Wednesday: Banrock Station Shiraz Cabernet in a box!

What typically comes to mind when you think of boxed wine? Cheap looking? Cheap tasting? An aching head the next morning? All of the above?

Too many questions? Let me drop some knowledge.

Over the past few years an increasing number of quality wines have been getting packaged in boxes. Putting out great tasting tipples in stylish and easily recycled cardboard, these wine makers are paving the way for the future by popularizing this humble, eco-friendly container.

Lighter than glass and easier to pack into a truck, boxed wine is easy to transport. And shipping more wine for less money makes for a smaller carbon footprint.

Apart from the better quality of wine now available in boxed form, there are other taste benefits. The way the spout is fastened to the bag ensures that the wine will not touch the air until it is poured, keeping it fresher for longer. Cooking is another great aspect – when you need a little splash here or there for a dish, no need to worry about opening a new bottle.

I’ve tasted a few fantastic brands: Yalumba, Black Box and Banrock Station all stand out.

We have been getting into the Banrock Station Shiraz Cabernet lately. A beautifully fruity and vivid red – it goes nicely with beef (or course) and dark chocolate (very important!) And you sure as heck wouldn’t have guessed it came from a box (if you still hold an outdated opinion on boxed wine, that is.) This wouldn’t be in the category of a “goon sack”, as the Aussies would call it, either.

With the holiday season coming up and guests looking to toast – boxed wine is a great environmentally friendly and economical wine to have near the table. Branch out and brush off the stigma that boxed wines might hold – you’ll most likely be surprised. Do it for your taste buds and the planet! (Really, is there a better pair of incentives?)

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