New York, I love you

I’ve been in Australia for nearly two weeks but I think a recap of my long, wonderful goodbye to New York is in order.

I realized that New York truly has my heart – not just because it’s filled with people I love (of course that is a huge selling point), but because it is really something special.

I suppose I have always taken it for granted a little, since it was always the closest and therefore the easiest city to call my own. But even before I left New York for the first time back in November, I really began to appreciate all its wonderful quirks and qualities. I will never live in another city like New York again, until I go back.

Well, enough of my sappy musings on wonderful cities…onto the New York Summer of 2011 Highlights list!

New York Summer of 2011 Highlights:

  • Brooklyn Flea/Smorgasburg = food heaven. Roasted vegetable terrine at Sunday Gravy, shrimp roll with tarragon butter from Redhook Lobster and an ice cream sandwich made with oatmeal cookie with balsamic fig and mascarpone ice cream from Coolhaus. The fact that those were only a small percentage of the amazing food they have on offer makes me wish I could go every weekend. Brooklyn Flea outpost in Sydney, anyone?
  • The Portsmouth Lobsterfest that was my brother’s wedding. Technically not a New York highlight, but I’m going to count it. In addition to all the excitement around being in the presence of true love and getting a new Vanderveldt, there was some seriously incredible lobster involved in the weekend. Lobster bake for the rehearsal, lobster rolls at the hotel for lunch, lobster claw and tail at the raw bar during cocktail hour, lobster tail with my filet mignon during the reception. THAT is the good life.
  • Astoria Beer Garden fun with my favorite girls
  • Peaches from the NYC farmers market – peak season!
  • Bennie’s margaritas, extra salted with some Setauket ladies
  • A whole subset should be devoted to all the amazing food we ate this summer because of Dad.¬† Some of the best: tuna pizza at Kotobuki, fish tacos with fresh caught seabass, soba noodles with Thai style seabass, paella, clam sauce, clams casino, mussels, snowcrab, stuffed flounder, etc.
  • Fresh lime margs and LI corn after a day at the beach
  • Ralph’s Italian Ices – graham cracker crunch and carrot cake – I will be chasing these flavors forever
  • My ice cream cake in honor of the last Harry Potter movie (the rainbow sprinkle layer was a big hit)
  • Fresh guacamole and Thursday Night Dinners
  • Making my first magical batch of fresh ricotta
  • Mussels two ways (spicy tomato sauce and shallot, butter, and cream sauce) – in my last takeover of the 10M kitchen for a while!
  • A very successful surprise pub crawl, ahem, Kim Krawl – for the one and only Kim, who has made everyone’s New York experiences more fun and more ridiculous.

New York, I will miss you calling you home.


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