The FAT: Feta, Avocado and Tomato

voraciousvander - fetaavo

I’ve lived on Fire Island, Long Island, the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan and even in a fancy part London for a spell. I think those experiences grant me the right to say that Bondi Beach is the strangest place I have ever lived.

Everyone is beautiful. Everyone is fit. Everyone is tan.

And it is exhausting just to look at sometimes.

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nearly not homeless

Day 5 of our Sydney apartment search. Places seen: 8

Applications filed: 2

Applications accepted: 1

Places still to see: 3

Hopefully, by tomorrow afternoon we will have made our decision! After being homeless for 9 months, I am incredibly anxious to find a place and start building a home. The kind of home with a comfy couch, our record player in the corner and a beautiful kitchen with plenty of counter space for the chopping of vegetables and assembling of baked goods. Oh and within a comfortable walking distance of the beach, of course. It’s within our sights!

Besides all the admin that goes along with apartment hunting, we have slowly been discovering our soon-to-be neighborhood. Fish Mongers on Hall Street in Bondi was a fantastic option for a mid-week dinner — a  fish and chips shop with dozens of tempting combinations. Options like salt and pepper calamari, tempura vegetables and bbq baby squid in addition to the usual fare make this my anticipated favorite f&c local.

Wednesday night was savory crepe night in Mike and Rache’s kitchen (our hosts, until we advance to non-homelessness). I haven’t made crepes myself in ages (although, just 2 months ago I recall chilling Eiffel Towerside with one). But they’re a fun, if not slightly unusual, dinner option. And you can mix and match your fillings, which I am always a fan of.

I used a simple crepe recipe: 1c. all-purpose flour, 2 eggs, 1/2c. milk, 1/2 water, 2tbs melted butter, and a grinding of salt whisked together. I also added some ground pepper and some chopped parsley for a fancy touch. Caramelized onions, sauteed mushrooms, aged cheddar and thinly sliced chorizo were the filling options. I served it with a simple salad of cos lettuce, carrot, roasted pumpkin and red peppers – and voila – a meal! I only wish I could have churned out the crepes all at the same time.


The highlight of my week in eating, however, was Missschu. Misschu is located in Darlinghurst at 150 Bourke Street. I have been to Misschu before, on my last visit to Sydney, and have been looking forward to going back ever since. My experience those 8 months ago was even logged in my Things I Ate of Note list in the back of my travel journal (a precursor to this blog, now that I think about it).

So Mr. F and I made our triumphant return to Misschu for lunch on Tuesday and she did not disappoint. We had tofu and shimeji mushroom rice paper rolls, tuna sashimi rice paper rolls (made with a perfect wasabi bite) and chilli prawn vermicelli salad.  Each menu item that I have tried, especially their famous rice paper rolls, has a perfectly mingled flavor combination. The Vietnamese mint really makes everything seem that much fresher – it brings everything to a more pronounced, crisp note. Just glorious.


In the spirit of exploring anticipated eateries, we continued on down Bourke Street to visit the Bourke Street Bakery. While we only got a couple of their delicious bottled iced coffees, I was happy enough just perving on the beautiful breads and pastries in the window,  knowing we’d come back at a hungrier time.

So much to do and eat in Sydney, there are hardly enough meals in the week for all the adventures I have planned. I have started a list of places I’ve heard or read about entitled To Eat: Sydney. I am getting the sense that this list will never taper but will be replenished with new suggestions faster than others can be ticked off the list. This may be the best kind of overwhelming.

The current #1 spot on the To Eat list: Gelato Messina. I have been following their Twitter feed (don’t ask why these things happen) and their in-house produced flavors are blowing me away. Peanut butter and gingerbread? Have these people been sneaking into my brain? If they come out with carrot cake mascarpone gelato next week, I’ll know something’s up. (I have yet to try my own experimental batch of carrot cake and toasted coconut ice cream but I’ve heard good reports from Brisbane.)

Until the next time,