5 Favorite Things

Welcome to 5 Favorite Things!

Joy and Tracy (two of my favorite bloggers) have started doling out homework to Joy the Baker podcast listeners. This week’s assignment was to list five things that you are currently obsessed with. I love hearing what little things other people recommend and thinking about what I’ve been excited by lately.

Onward to the list…

1. Rose hip oil: This is by far the best skin product I’ve bought for myself. Super soft skin + less -if any- breakouts. This stuff is for real.
2. My new sweater: It’s getting cold in Sydney! It’s going to be winter soon! But I’m kind of stoked because I have this new sweater… see how excited I am about it in that picture?
3. Coconut flakes: Toasted. They go.on.everything.
4. Bossypants by Tina Fey: I finally bought this book and am loving it. Every page makes me smile, giggle or snort. So much Tina love!
5. Smoked sea salt and spice mix: I bought this from Smoke & Spice Co. at the Bondi farmers market a couple of weeks ago. It’s a blend of smoked sea salt, garlic, shallots, coriander, mustard and chili. I’ve been putting it on roasted veggies, avocados, fish, eggs, in salad dressings…basically trying not to just eat it by the spoonful. I have problems. I know.

BONUS favorite thing: TextsfromHillaryClinton.tumblr.com
Brunch? Obviously.

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6 Comments to “5 Favorite Things”

  1. Yes to coconut flakes… Not sure I could pull off the sweater, but you look cute!… Hmm, rose hip oil, you say? Interesting…

  2. I freakin’ love coconut flakes! hooray! also, your jumper is super cute and i really want to read(slash listen to the audiobook of) bossypants. cute site!

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