polenta-crusted fish with mango avocado salsa


Fish with a fresh, fruity salsa is one of my favorite summer dinners. The weather has been getting warmer here in Bondi, and the mangoes are flowing like water, so fish with a mango and avocado salsa was a no-brainer dinner choice this weekend.

I would typically just grill the fish with a little salt, pepper and olive oil to pair with such a vibrant salsa. But to mix it up, I thought I would use some finely ground polenta to give it a nice crust. It added a satisfying crunch and a nice subtle corn flavor that always goes nicely with coriander and salsa. I’ve got to say, I was a fan of this one.

Mango Avocado Salsa
– 1 mango chopped into bite-sized chunks
– 1 avocado chopped into bite-sized chunks
– 1/2 a medium red onion finely chopped
– a handful of chopped coriander
– 1/2 a jalapeno pepper finely chopped
– a squeeze of lime juice
– salt&pepper

Combine all ingredients together in a bowl, season to taste with salt&pepper. Store in the refrigerator until you’re ready to use. (I made mine about 2 hours prior to serving. You probably don’t want to make it too far in advance, as a really ripe mango can get mushy after all that sitting around, but a couple of hours is totally fine.)

Polenta-Crusted Fish
– Olive oil
– Polenta (mine was finely ground)
– Fillets of any white fish. (I used Ling, a member of the cod family.)
– Salt & Pepper

Pour a layer of polenta on a large plate. Coat rinsed and dried fish fillets with a generous brushing of olive oil. Sprinkle each side with salt and pepper and then lay on the bed of polenta, turning over to cover the entire fillet in crumbs.

Place a well oiled pan over a medium-high heat, add fish and cook about 5 minutes on each side (depending on the size of your fish) until golden and crunchy on the outside. Blot cooked fish on paper towels to remove excess oil and serve with a generous helping of salsa on top.

image    image

Before you go…
Music I’m cooking to this week:
Florence and the Machine, Ceremonials
Current Inspiratiration:
The Edible Balcony
Salivating over:
Can’t wait to check out:
Paris Picasso in Sydney
Loved this at Sculpture by the Sea, Bondi:


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