The best thing I ate this weekend

…was a grilled garlic prawn sandwich from the Mojo Picón Spanish food stand at EQ Markets in Moore Park. Cooked to order on a hot grill with a cumin-laced spice blend and topped with fresh parsley, these generous-sized sangers are heaven betwixt a fresh bread roll. The intoxicating scent of chorizo spices wafting across the market is enough to lure you to their stand. Once you’ve peered over the counter at the grill, you’re done for. Order a combo sandwich with both the chorizo and the prawns. Because life’s too short to choose.
Mojo Picón brand condiments are readily available right next to the much-needed napkins. The salsa verde, a green parsley and coriander sauce, refreshingly compliments the spiced meat and seafood and there is more of the cumin and paprika sauce too, if needed. My garlic prawn sandwich was huge, delicious and I ate the entire thing. All that was missing was a cold Spanish beer.
Mojo Picón can be found at the Sydney EQ Markets on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. And at the Chatswood Mall on Thursday and Friday. They also sell a range of cooking products including their special sauces. If you can’t get there, they have some recipes and sauces available on their website.

Prediction: I will be back again and again.

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